August 2017

Medical Coding: Lateral and Bilateral Modifiers that Impact Payment

There can be confusion on how to report lateral- LT/RT and bilateral modifiers-50.

Coders report many of these incorrect or miss reporting altogether.

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July 2017

Medical Coders Do More Than Just Code!

There is a false impression that medical coders sit in their pajamas all day while entering codes consisting of letters and numbers.

Here is what a coder’s job truly consists of!

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April 2017

A Seasoned, Credentialed Coder Can Do It!

Can a medical coder fulfill the role of an inpatient CDI?  Yes, a seasoned, credentialed coder can. 

A seasoned, credentialed coder has the skills necessary to see the story of a patient.  These high-level coders investigate, analyze and problem solve.  These are not just people who apply codes- they take ownership of the record. 

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June 2016

Tired of Taking Yet Another Coding Assessment? Here's Why a Coding Test is Your Best Friend.

Feeling frustrated about that coding assessment for a potential new job? We understand. Let us explain the importance of the exam and how it can benefit you.

Recently I came across several LinkedIn posts discussing coders disappointments towards coding tests used during the screening process.  This frustration caught my attention and while I can sympathize, let me take a moment to give you some background on why companies need to have a coding assessment in place.

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June 2016

"I work from my dining room table." Said No Medical Coder Ever

You just landed your first medical coding job. Congrats! Next step, organize your desk and office space for success. Read how our experts get organized.

You did it! You just landed your first medical coding job so now you start clearing the dining table, place your laptop down and start your new journey. That's all there is to it, right?

Think again! Let me introduce you to your new friend: HIPAA. It is the governing regulation that maintains patient privacy and integrity.  It will also shape the way you setup your office.

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