What we live by

Our company is built on a few simple yet strong core values that define how we conduct our business and our lives: Integrity, Respect, and Ambition. We believe these values to be paramount in business, and yet two out of the three seem to be increasingly rare.



This is a fairly comprehensive value that leads to a number of attitudes and practices that we are proud of. However, there is one sentiment that we like to think sums us up: You can count on us. This is not a guarantee of our price or service, but rather our character. We are loyal to our clients and each other, and we always act with integrity. We are looking out for you and we’ve got your back in a pinch. Basically, you can trust us to do the right thing.


Proper respect is fundamental to the manner in which we intend to do business on a daily basis. Its absence is at the root of any number of bad situations that invariably lead to something unpleasant for all parties involved. Consequently, we vow to minimize condescension, petulance and all other disagreeable behaviors, and instead strive to facilitate pleasant relations however we can.

For us respect is particularly important because seamlessly integrating ourselves into the departments and cultures of hospitals is so crucial to achieving our goals. The process of implementing a change like outsourcing a facility’s coding can be made considerably more difficult if the outsiders are not mindful of entrenched processes and attitudes. We pride ourselves in fostering a relationship of mutual respect with our clients.




Whatever word you use to describe it, this is what is at the heart of progress. Whether personal or selfless, ambition is the catalyst that sparks innovation and inspires entrepreneurial spirit. Indeed it is what drives us to improve our own company just as it is what causes us all to seek out solutions for the organizations to which we belong.

We encourage and reward ambition in our employees, and a cornerstone of our credo is to never be satisfied with the status quo. We do all that is in our power to assist our clients however we can, and we are not satisfied unless we exceed their every expectation. We aspire to be the best, and the best is what we fully intend to be.