ChartStreamTM at Your Facility

Medical record charts would be scanned at your facility on a daily basis (or whenever the charts become available), and would be immediately available for coding by our coders. We would then utilize the Quadramed™ encoder system to code and finalize the charts. The coding summaries are returned to your facility as soon they are finalized. Once coded we can archive the charts for instant retrieval by any authorized person within your hospital, export the data to any data repository of your choice, or delete the charts after a specified period of time. These archived charts can also be exported to your EHR system when it is implemented.


Co-Location Site

  • Redundancy for data, power & connectivity
  • Physical site security
  • Multiple firewalls for extra data protection
  • Files transferred using SSL with multiple levels of data encryption (>256 bit)


 Application Security

  • Username/password access for application
  • Role level access within the application
  • 1024+ bit encryption of data
  • Audit trails on all PHI chart data/files


Privacy and Security of PHI

  • High speed scanning of charts
  • Secure internet data transfer
  • Automatic routing of charts to available coders
  • Real time chart tracking and accountability
  • Account management reporting
  • Coder productivity reports
  • Audit trails on all data
  • Archiving of charts and summary billing reports
  • Import/Export Utility for patient administration systems, encoder software tools and facility provider information
  • Random file selection for audit of coding by HCCS auditors



Accessing and Coding your Records

The first step to get started is determining the most appropriate method to access and code your facility’s records. If your IS allows for it, we can work within your system via VPN or Citrix. If such a system does not already exist on site, we can provide everything necessary to get remote access to your charts.  

HCCS highly capable of utilizing a hospital’s various Information Systems for the purposes of abstracting, coding and charge entry. HCCS IT is familiar with all the most common EHRs and our coders are familiar with everything from EPIC™ and Meditech™ to CPSI™. We will assign auditors/trainers to your account who already have extensive experience working with a setup similar to yours, and the existing HCCS coders that are assigned to your account will be chosen for their ability to succeed in your unique coding environment. In the process of recruiting new coders for your account, candidates will be screened for their experience in coding environments similar to yours.  


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