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We feel HCCS is the best in the business, and to keep it this way we understand that we not only need the best staff, but we also must give them the best tools to enable them to do their work effectively and efficiently. We are convinced that these tools are not limited to things like the best computers and software; but include a myriad of less tangible factors, like a healthy work environment, a supportive culture, and an all-around fun atmosphere.

At HCCS, we expect every employee to hold us responsible for maintaining a positive work environment that fosters communication, teamwork, and growth towards their career goals. We do expect a lot of our employees, but in return they can expect indefinite and reliable work from an employer who respects and values them.

 How we are different:

We are not a sales and recruiting machine, we are a coding company. This is not a staffing agency, and we certainly do not have a dozen recruiters pestering candidates all day so we can afford to churn through coders and auditors. We are a long-term coding and consulting partner to our clients, and when we decide to add coders and auditors to our team, it is meant to be permanent - we want you to retire with us. If you are tired of job-hopping and looking for something more than another contract gig or some shady piecework, we would be delighted if you would consider joining the HCCS family. 

 Our ideal applicant:


Who do we seek to hire?

We hire medical coders and auditors across the board in all specialties including:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Emergency Room (Facility and/or Pro)
  • Same Day Surgery
  • Observation
  • Pro Fee - Hospital and Physician Clinic settings
  • Home Health
  • Billers

We look for dedicated and passionate professionals to join our team! Does that sound like you?

What qualifications do we look for?

The qualifications for our coders and auditors vary by specialty, though every one of our coders is required to have at least one of the following credentials: RHIA, RHIT, CCS, or CPC certification. They typically must also have a minimum of 3 years coding experience at a tertiary care facility with 150+ beds, but rural healthcare is a particular niche for us, so we have plenty of room for all the small-town coders out there. 

Before being hired, applicants must be able to pass the appropriate specialty specific coding assessment and phone screening. Our coders are required to maintain a 95% coding accuracy and a 97% reimbursement coding accuracy.


What is our recruiting process?

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