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About HCCS - Healthcare Coding & Consulting Services

Here at HCCS, Healthcare Coding & Consulting Services, we are driven by the constant desire to provide the best health information management (HIM) services available. HCCS's team of experienced and certified HIM professionals are committed to providing our clients with the industry's highest accuracy standards and timely completion of their daily coding, auditing and clinical documentation needs. Our services assist our clients in processing their medical records from patient discharge through the billing cycle.

Our business is about creating a symbiotic relationship between our clients and HCCS's HIM professionals. The services we provide allow hospitals around the country to run at levels they otherwise could not. From critical access hospitals to the largest level 1 trauma centers there is a need for accurate coding and proper reimbursement. Errors can be very costly and have crippling repercussions, which is why many facilities turn to HCCS's certified and experienced coders and auditors as an extension of their team.


- Remote, US-Based Medical Coding
- Coding & Documentation Auditing
- CDI - Clinical Documentation Improvement
- Interim HIM Management

Our company was founded in 2006 on uncompromising values and dedication to our clients and staff. Because of our values we have many client partnerships that date back to the very beginning and have since forged hundreds of new relationships with a wide variety of healthcare clients throughout the United States. Our team has grown to over 150 medical coders, auditors, and HIM professionals and is continuously expanding with the growing industry needs.

In 2014, HCCS became a subsidiary of The Innovation Institute. Together, we are focused on improving US healthcare through innovation and collaboration with others. HCCS's specific passion is data-driven medicine: We believe that HIM will play a pivotal role in the transformation of healthcare in the coming decades, and we intend to be a meaningful contributor. 

HCCS is headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida where all administrative responsibilities are housed. All HCCS coders and HIM professionals are AHIMA or AAPC certified, and individuals must have a minimum of 3 years coding experience to qualify as candidates (average experience of HCCS coders is over 12 years). All HCCS coders are US-based, W-2 employees - we are one of the few big HIM companies who do not subcontract any coding, off-shore or otherwise. 


Our Team

While HCCS only began business in 2006, our entire management team, most of our auditors, and many of our coders have been working together for over twenty years. This has allowed us to develop a working relationship more akin to genuine friendship than a relationship between coworkers. We trust each other not only to get the job done, but to always stay true to our common values and strive toward our ultimate goal. 




HCCS was established in 2006 as its founder's second venture in the HIM field. HCCS's predecessor, MedGrup, began in Bill Cronin's basement in 1993, and evolved over the next nine years into what we consider the premier medical coding company of its time – a pioneer in the now commonplace practice of remote coding.

Several years after Cronin sold Medgrup in 2002, he was compelled to get back into HIM and reached out to his old team. Joined by his old managers and many of his top coders and auditors, they formed HCCS with the intention of creating a moral, upstanding coding company even better than the first. By 2014 HCCS had surpassed Medgrup in every way.

Though the Cronins never intended to sell any amount of HCCS and turned down many suitors over the years, they were excited to become a subsidiary of The Innovation Institute in August 2014. Together with our new partners and team of dedicated HIM professionals, HCCS is committed to improving healthcare in our country and poised to become the top HIM company in the nation.



 ValuesOur company is built on a few simple yet strong core values that define how we conduct our business and our lives: Integrity, Respect, and Ambition. We believe these values to be paramount in business, and yet two out of the three seem to be increasingly rare.




This is a fairly comprehensive value that leads to a number of attitudes and practices that we are proud of. However, there is one sentiment that we like to think sums us up: You can count on us. This is not a guarantee of our price or service, but rather our character. We are loyal to our clients and each other, and we always act with integrity. We are looking out for you and we’ve got your back in a pinch. Basically, you can trust us to do the right thing.


Proper Respect is fundamental to the manner in which we intend to do business on a daily basis. Its absence is at the root of any number of bad situations that invariably lead to something unpleasant for all parties involved. Consequently, we vow to minimize condescension, petulance and all other disagreeable behaviors, and instead strive to facilitate pleasant relations however we can.

For us respect is particularly important because seamlessly integrating ourselves into the departments and cultures of hospitals is so crucial to achieving our goals. The process of implementing a change like outsourcing a facility’s coding can be made considerably more difficult if the outsiders are not mindful of entrenched processes and attitudes. We pride ourselves in fostering a relationship of mutual respect with our clients.


Whatever word you use to describe it, this is what is at the heart of progress. Whether personal or selfless, ambition is the catalyst that sparks innovation and inspires entrepreneurial spirit. Indeed it is what drives us to improve our own company just as it is what causes us all to seek out solutions for the organizations to which we belong.

We encourage and reward ambition in our employees, and a cornerstone of our credo is to never be satisfied with the status quo. We do all that is in our power to assist our clients however we can, and we are not satisfied unless we exceed their every expectation. We aspire to be the best, and the best is what we fully intend to be.

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