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How do we code?

Our coding is provided remotely and how our clients wish us to access their charts varies on a case-by-case basis, so we are completely flexible in this regard. If our client has an EHR, we can remotely access medical records through a VPN or CITRIX environment. If not, we can utilize our Document Management System, ChartStream™, which is a next generation, fully scalable, multi-redundant, web based chart transportation and management system.

As an added bonus, many of our clients use ChartStream™ to facilitate EHR implementation since ChartStream™ provides our clients with electronic images of their charts which can be archived, imported/exported, etc.

What do our monthly audits include?
  • The number and types of charts coded
  • The number and types of charts audited
  • The account number of each chart audited
  • The audit results detailing both overall coding and reimbursement coding accuracy
  • The ability to examine the auditor's report on any or all of the audited charts


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