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Feeling frustrated about that coding assessment for a potential new job? We understand. Let us explain the importance of the exam and how it can benefit you.

Recently I came across several LinkedIn posts discussing coders disappointments towards coding tests used during the screening process.  This frustration caught my attention and while I can sympathize, let me take a moment to give you some background on why companies need to have a coding assessment in place.

Prove Your Skills

So you’re not fond of taking yet another test after successfully passing your certification assessment? I get it! Passing your AHIMA, AAPC or another certification is an impressive accomplishment all on its own! Congrats you are officially a certified medical coder!

Coding assessments were developed with the intent to reinforce your strengths, not to undermine your experience or accomplishments. Hiring companies are working hard to find a role that best fits your abilities. Ultimately the testing is used to shed light on the areas you are most proficient and discover the areas where you will need a helping hand if hired. We are held to a certain standard by the clients we are vested to and simply try our best to have all parts fall together like a puzzle piece. The best part is that a coding assessment test helps place you into a position in which you will succeed! 

I view these assessments as a way for you to show off the time and effort you put into acquiring and maintaining your certification as well as all the experience you worked tirelessly to accomplish. It also shines some light on the type of coding cases you will come across in the role if hired. We appreciate the time you put into it and hope that we can help you succeed in your career with the additional knowledge these assessments provide.

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Alice Cifuentes

Written by Alice Cifuentes

Alice is a professional recruiter specializing in placing elite medical coders, auditors and CDI professionals.

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