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You just landed your first medical coding job. Congrats! Next step, organize your desk and office space for success. Read how our experts get organized.

You did it! You just landed your first medical coding job so now you start clearing the dining table, place your laptop down and start your new journey. That's all there is to it, right?

Think again! Let me introduce you to your new friend: HIPAA. It is the governing regulation that maintains patient privacy and integrity.  It will also shape the way you setup your office.

Let's Talk About the Office

It is important to setup a space that is equally comfortable and compliant to HIPAA standards. A separate quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of your home is best. Having the ability to have a separate room with a designated door means that at the end of the day you can securely close the room and officially leave work for the day. It creates a better sense of work-life balance especially when your home is your office and your office is your home, a.k.a. working remotely.

Get yourself a desk with ample space that can accommodate all the necessities, like dual monitors, keyboard mouse, paper materials, etc. Let’s not forget the throne for you to sit on! Ensure it is comfortable and provides support for long periods of sitting.

Getting Organized

As part of your office setup think about what helps get you organized. Post-it notes are a great addition to any work space! Jot down quick notes, a name and phone number, or a meeting at 3:00 p.m. Fun colors help keep your office vibrant and can help categorize the post-it mayhem. A calendar whether it be adhered to your wall or on your computer is fundamental. Keep track of important meetings and deadlines by setting reminders. Have a notebook handy to jot down notes while talking with a trainer or reviewing an audit. This will help you keep track of particular areas needing improvement and help you  focus your efforts, in order to become a better coder or auditor.  

Highlighters. Highlighters. Highlighters. Use them to keep your thoughts together or to emphasize key points in your notes or conversations. Remember that meeting at 3:00 p.m.? I sure wouldn’t have if it wasn’t highlighted on my calendar.

Have all coding books and resources at your fingertips in the event you need to refresh your memory on something. A small bookcase or a desk drawer is ideal for keeping you things organized and making you as efficient as possible.

Share your office setup tips in the comment below!


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Alice Cifuentes

Written by Alice Cifuentes

Alice is a professional recruiter specializing in placing elite medical coders, auditors and CDI professionals.

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