Kerry Dunning

Kerry Dunning

For over 30 years, I have specialized in post-acute consulting services, with a specialty in Skilled Nursing (SNF, SNU, PPS and CAH swing beds) including Medicare compliance audits, MDS training, providing mock surveys, 5 Star training, and other Quality Measure improvement.

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January 2020

ADVISORY: Changes to MDS v1.18.0

CMS posted the DRAFT version of the MDS Item Sets that LTC providers will use this October. That includes the swing bed item set (SP).
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December 2019

Demand It - Coding Assistance a Click Away

Reasons why most skilled nursing settings need coding assistance are abundantly clear. Even the most experienced MDS Coordinator or a staff member who has become coding certified in the last year may not understand the minutiae of the code and the magnitude of coding to reimbursement and survey outcomes. Here’s a short list of potential errors to consider:

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November 2019

Need to Nail a “10” on your ICD Codes?

Whether you are a MDS Coordinator intensifying your knowledge of ICD-10s or a Coder training in skilled nursing services, SNFs and PPS swing bed programs are tasked with “perfection” on October 1. The Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) demands discipline specific coding that captures the need to be inpatient and the care being provided each resident.

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