Jenan Custer, RHIA, CCS, CDIP, CPC

Jenan Custer, RHIA, CCS, CDIP, CPC

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March 2020

COVID-19 CPT Code Available March 13th

On March 13th American Medical Association (AMA) editorial panel published a special edition CPT Assistant Fact Sheet of which announced CPT code 87635 (infectious agent detection by nucleic acid [DNA or RNA]; severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 [SARS-CoV-2] [COVID-19], amplified probe technique) is now available for reporting the testing for COVID-19.

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January 2020

Read the Federal Register Much?

Does reading the November 12, 2019 released calendar year 2020 Federal Register OPPS final rule somehow not make it to your list of “things to do”? If not, join the masses but you might have missed key information that will put your organization at a disadvantage or loss of revenue.

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