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Changes were made for RHCs and FQHCs Friday April 17th 2020.

  • A new code that will be added 7/1/2020 is G2025 and it will pay $92.00 as a distant site provider for RHCs and FQHCs. 


  • In the meantime RHCs/FQHCs that use interactive real time audio/video platforms can bill for telehealth services now through 6/30/20 with a 95 modifier (E/Ms, etc.). 
    • Any claims with 95 modifier will signify that you are requesting reimbursement for G2025.


  • CMS will take back or pay the difference between the $92 and the AIR Rate after July 1st. 


  • Audio only will still be billed as G0071 through and after 7/1/20 (Virtual check-ins, etc.).


  • Interactive asynchronous, real-time audio and video will be billed as regular telehealth service with 95 modifier through 06/30/20 and G2025 after 7/1/20.


  • CMS will automatically recoup or pay additional funds with no action required on the part of providers. 
    • Providers will need to be aware of that to ensure the takeback doesn’t cause financial problems when it occurs.


Below is the link for the MLN:

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