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“The age of volume-driven fee-for-service medicine is gradually giving way to value-based care.” This is what Kathy Whitmire had to say about transforming healthcare leadership in order to improve revenue cycles. 

As Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) at Stephens County Hospital, Kathy leaned on HCCS for expert help in delivering integrity and accuracy one chart at a time.  By the end of 2018, Stephens County Hospital was able to increase their revenue by $2.4 million just by restructuring and educating their current staff along with outsourcing their medical coding to Healthcare Coding & Consulting Services (HCCS).  

Part of the restructuring consisted of transitioning their in-house coders to revenue integrity analysts.  This team helped to improve the quality of physician documentation by confirming that each procedure was essential to the patient’s documented treatment. They also helped the nursing staff with charge entry to ensure that all billable revenue was captured.  With the analysts working together with HCCS codersCPT accuracy went from 70% to 98% 

HCCS’s coding staff consists of teams of both managers and coders specializing in individual chart types.  Each team receives continued education to ensure their coding knowledge is current with the constant coding changes.  These teams analyze and dissect each chart.  After reviewing numerous accountsthe below feedback is provided to the facility: 

  • Physician and facility education regarding documentation guidelines 
  • Compliance concerns 
  • Facility education and suggestions per industry standard 
  • Missing and/or incorrect charges 

Is your institution interested in increasing their revenue cycle? Be part of the change needed in healthcare leadership, and learn how you, too, can improve your bottom line. Join Kathy Whitmire, CTO, and HCCS’s very own Jenan Custer, RHIA, CCS, CDIP, CPC, in their Transforming Healthcare Leadership Bootcamp in Atlanta-Buckhead, Georgia this March 18-20, 2020. Registration is now open at

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