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It was a cold winter’s night, and the urgent care was slow.   

Nurses Melissa D, Ellen and Penny could not believe no one had begun to show.   

Dr. Kelsi decided she would go take a nap, 

and then it all started with one mishap. 

Poor James was playing a concert in the park and to his dismay, 

his lips were frozen (Y93.J4) to the trombone and he couldn’t finish his play.   

In flew Bill who got a little electrified (T75.4XXA) while hanging lights on the house, 

and Betsy who had been bitten (W53.01XA) while feeding her pet mouse. 

Then the EMS came roaring in with poor Erika who had dislocated a knee, (S83.106A) 

while dancing and spreading holiday glee. 

Angela walked in weaving from side to side,  

complaining of dizziness from consuming too much eggnog (F10.929) for the yuletide. 

Kimberly ran in and said her finger was cut, (W26.2XXA) 

and she had been wrapping gifts and the kids were acting up. 

Ramona had come in with a foreign object in her eye, (S05.50XA)  

because she was throwing glitter on her tree up high. 

Melissa E. presented suffering from exhaustion (T73.3XXA) and stress, (Z73.3)  

because she had too many deadlines and was in the middle of a mess. 

Jennifer was hurriedly driving through town,  

and hit Santa’s sleigh (V80.929A) as she was taking toys to kids who were down. 

Jenan flew through the door complaining of leg pain, 

 (M79.609) as she was struck (W22.8XXA) by a shopping cart in the mall (Y92.59)  

gathering things to finish her popcorn chain. 

Michelle D. brought in her grandma who was struck (W55.32XA) with a reindeer,  

while she was out spreading holiday cheer. 

Ciara came in with blurred vision and drowsiness,  

as she accidentally ingested the mistletoe (T62.2X1A) while leaning in for a kiss. 

Then Michele B. came in complaining of pain in her rear, 

as she slipped and fell on ice (W00.0XXA) looking at reindeer. 

Lou came in with his nerve in a pinch, (M54.30)  

because the IT equipment had all been sabotaged and he was chasing off the grinch. 

Cynthia had been cooking away, 

when she burnt her hand (T23.009A) as she had been slaving in the kitchen all day. 

Brittany walked in with her head pounding, (G43.109) sunglasses in tow, 

because all the data she was crunching was taking its toll. 

As Nikesh walked in he was given a covid test, (Z20.822)  

because he was sneezing and coughing and had not had any rest. 

Then a loud bang and clatter was heard by all, 

as Zac was stuck in the lobby chimney (S30.841A) pretending to be Santa Claus. 

Christa checked them all out as they closed up for the night,  

as this day in Urgent Care had seemed like a snowball fight. 

Betsy Rios, CPC

Written by Betsy Rios, CPC

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